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Originally Posted by tbmills View Post
i shortened a boom arm under my ride.
i removed the tilter and used a hacksaw to take about 8" off the front to keep a polished end.
Very smooth work. I did this once a long time ago but I cut it off from the back. It was easier than but didn't look nearly as nice. Yours looks OEM quality.

If you have access to a drill press, you should consider drilling a hole through the tilter, so the hole would go through the tilter housing, through the boom rod and through the other side of the tilter housing.You could then put a machine bolt and nut through it. Or maybe use some epoxy to help hold the rod in the tilter housing (although you'd have to take it apart). The cymbal arm is going to get exposed to a lot of vibration and twisting and the rod could work its way out of the tilter someday - probably in the middle of a gig because that's the only time hardware breaks down.
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