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Originally Posted by kjsm View Post
the only offensive thing is the billions of comments about how this should go in the 'ladies' section

this is stupid
don't segregate
I don't think that it's offensive at all, I take offense at your trying to make this a bad thing, that's NOT how it was meant!!

Karen was very proud to be a woman drummer, and I wouldn't suggest that you segregate her there, of COURSE she should be part of the general drumming discussion TOO!! But she certainly should be part of the woman's section (more than likely the very pinnacle of it) and not segregated to just the "regular" drummers areas either. Yeah, her femininity is/was special, but in a good way, her success and drumming prowess break down the stereotype that drumming is singularly a man's profession/pastime.

Differences are a GOOD thing!
I say learn to FLAUNT it rather than be EXPLOITED by it!!!!
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