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Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
AMEN BRUTHA!! Extreme drumming is cool, no doubt about it and there's plenty I enjoy listening to, but I must say too much it lacks the toe tapping fun and last but not least, MUSICAL approach that makes drumming worthwhile. It seems to be a way to showcase the drummers talents and endurance and doesn't seem to be a vehicle for showcasing songwriting at least that I can hear. There of course are the exceptional talents like Derek and Flo who have time and again showed their abilities to incorporate other styles of music into their playing even though they are well known for extreme drumming.

On to Tommy,
I was quite fortunate to be able to see Tommy Aldridge with Ozzy right after Randy Rhoads passed away, it was bittersweet as it was my first time seeing Tommy in a band situation so I was excited to see that, but was sad to know Randy was gone.

I got to see him in a clinic setting out in New Jersey (a 4+ hour drive one way for me) and luckily I was there early enough to have been hanging at the local drum store there and Tommy was there hanging out too. He is a very nice man, sincerely interested in talking with folks as we found out and he was just havin' fun and cracked a few jokes as we checked out the store and conversed a bit.

I'm having trouble remembering the date and If I can dig it up I'll edit this post and add the date, but it was a clinic with Tommy Aldridge, Joe Franco and a couple of other drummers were there too, but I was so blown away with Tommy and Joe that I paid all my attention to them and I pretty much blocked out the rest! L0L!! Tommy and Joe were just mind bending, I wish I had a video to watch of that clinic.

There ya go. That's what I'm talking about.

I hadn't seen Tommy Aldridge live in concert till more recently. I saw him play with Whitesnake maybe 4 years ago. I loved it, although he didn't do a drum solo. I think because they were on a double bill with the Scorpions so they had to do an abbreviated set. But it was amazing to see him play. That's what made me really become interested in his playing. My old drum teacher gave me a VHS copy of his instructional video from way back. Not sure if it's on DVD but they should release it that way because it's such a great video. I was also turned on to the Pat Travers record "Live: Go For What You Know" with Tommy. A definite classic.
Joe Franco is another guy I've heard a little about but should do more research on. Any key records with him to look into?
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