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Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Skolnick is actually back in Testament, along with Paul Bostaph. I just saw them live. They kicked ass. There new album kicked major ass.

Kreator is amazing, they're like the German Slayer. I don't think Slayer ever put out a "bad" album.

Also, if your a thrasher, check out "Evile", a sick British Thrash band. Hell yeah.

Oh yea, I know Alex is back with Testament, I got their Formation of Damnation. It's heavy and thrashes good, but I don't think it's quite as cohesive as their earlier work. Musically it's a very good listen. I guess my problem (and maybe its my own problem) is it doesn't feel like the solos 'fit' as nicely as they once did. It sounded to me like eric peterson came up with these amazing riffs and Alex layed down some amazing solos, but they didn't really belong together. I don't know...maybe I'm just being an ass about it, because I LOVE that band. Still, I try to call it like I see (hear) it. I think it's a good CD, but it isn't the remarkable return I expected. That said, having the guys together again, maybe the next record will be more organic in nature.

I have their live DVD reunion show they did in England right after they got the original members back (John Tempesta played-brilliantly-the first half of the show and then original drummer Louie Clemente played the second half) and they positively blazed. Bostaph is a much better drummer than Clemente so im not shocked they rock with him (anyone who can hold down the Slayer gig has to be able to drum).

Re Slayer...While I liked "Bitter Peace", "Stain of Mind" and a couple others, I didn't think Diabolus in Musica was Slayer's finest hour. That said, I'll agree that Slayer has rarely done anything not of excellence.

Oh yes, I am INDEED a thrasher...I lived the scene back in the day. Name the band and I saw them on tour...the only band I never saw that I really regret not seeing was Destruction...they never seemed to tour the states when I was awake. :)
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