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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

DTrocks & Earthshaker----thanks, guys! I hope you dig it and that it helps spur your playing in some cool new directions. Thanks for your kind words. As ever, all feedback (good and bad) is welcomed.

Pickupstyx---Thanks for your great feedback. I tried to somewhat systematically lay out the 30+ minute section on the pad (hybrid rudiments/compound stickings) and conjoin it with the 30+ minute application on the drums section. That way it makes sense. Here are ideas for the hands....and here are ways you can utilize them to SAY something on the instrument in a musical fashion. By changing up orchestrations and note rates---there's a thousand directions you can take those materials. I'm happy and flattered to have provided some inspiration for you. Thanks for letting me know, Joe!

Cheers from Syracuse--
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