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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
I'll do that. I know a lot of people think it's not Exodus without Bailoff (RIP PB) or Zetro, but it was always about the music with Exodus for me.

I personally think they ran out of ideas around the time they did "Impact is Imminent" (the guitar execution in that CD was utterly brilliant, but the songs seemed to be recording room cutofffs from the previous album).

That said, I've heard a few later Exodus songs (off Tempo of the Damned) that rage pretty good.

Some of these older thrashers just keep getting better though they are older.....Kreator's "Violent Revolution" (from 2005 I think) in my view rivals anything they did in the 1980s (to include the legendary Extreme Aggression, Flag of Hate, etc), Testament's "The Gathering" from 1999 was as good as anything they ever did (although I am still more into the Alex Skolnick Testament years), Slayer's newer stuff is amazing, etc., etc....these guys just keep bashing...I love it.

Skolnick is actually back in Testament, along with Paul Bostaph. I just saw them live. They kicked ass. There new album kicked major ass.

Kreator is amazing, they're like the German Slayer. I don't think Slayer ever put out a "bad" album.

Also, if your a thrasher, check out "Evile", a sick British Thrash band. Hell yeah.
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