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Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
Ok, I got a new band. All great guys, fun, good taste in music.


Theres a catch.
They are in a state of "UHH". They have 1 song, and litterally no music making skills, but excellent instrumental skills. How do I help them out of this? I feel a great potential with this band, but I need to bring them out of the state of "UHH".

I mean, y guitarist can shred like no tomarrow. But only to songs that already exist. Not origonal stuff. Now I still got demos and stuff from my old band, but I can't do that to them. For one, that was "our" music. Two, it's really not the same with differant people.

Can anyone tell me how to help my band out?
My band is a two piece and we write most of our stuff together through jamming. It's easy to jam when there's 1 melodic instrument and 1 rhythm rather that a couple of guitars and bass. Try stripping it back to drums and 1 instrument and jam on your own, then take any ideas you get to the group to work on.

Covers are also a good way to get playing together and would probably help you guys gel as a band. Even if you're never gonna play 'em live it's a good way of having something to play in the rehearsal. It can help decide what kinda style you all wanna play as well.
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