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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Here's a SCP set I had for a while. Mostly used for "less than savory" gigs.
My bass player re cut all the bearing edges to a 45 inside and a 35 outside ( if I recall correctly). Helped the tuning stability tons. I should mention that the edges were shot from orig. owners neglect and abuse.
I took so many stickers off this set with goo gone....I just can't stand to think about it LOL.
It had the standard 10,12,14 toms with a 22x16 kick. I gave the tama snare to a friend. That silver one is a homemade job. Didn't sound half bad but I sold it with the kit.
It was also the "put every china or kina sounding cymbal I own" on it kit :D
One day I'll buy another Tama kit just have one around.

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