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Default Re: Oceansize?

Just lookin through some older threads and found this. I LOVE this band. The album Efflorence is definitely in my top 10. Very progressive: trippy, dynamic, loads of effects, and great drumming. Catylyst, Massive Bereavement, Sat. Morning Breakfast Show...brilliance. They ve been mentioned in the credits on a Porcupine Tree cd liner. I heard them on 89.5 wsou, Seton Hall's Pirate Radio. and was hooked from then on. If you like the newer prog genre...gotta check em out. IMO, they are very under-rated. I looked for shows in my area but they dont tour that often. If you enjoy instrumental-based music with loooong songs consisting of time changes and different parts in the same song, do yourself a favor and try to locate this cd. Another under-rated but well dserving of attention, check out the band Seemless. Zepellin-esque, hard driving ROCK. You can thank us later : ). C'mon, just do it. Its all great drumming, really. I wouldnt lie to my fellow drummers.
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