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Default Re: Good Band Documentaries

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Stairway to Heaven by Richard Cole is a great book about Led Zeppelin that they need to make into a documentary...
Oh man, that book would make one INSANE movie! lol Also "Let it Be" from the Bealtes(ha!) is a little deppresing, as it showed part of their downfall. Pink Floyd "Live at Pompeii" is a mix of concert(to no audience) and documentary, still a fav of mine. And VH1's Behind the Music had a way of making pretty much ANY band interesting somehow.(i.e. Leif Garrett) : P. And Bruce, I gotta find this Yesspeak you mentioned, sounds great. Oh yeah, Lamentations from Opeth is a good one. Shows the making of Damnation and Deliverance, along with a whole concert. I think I ll put it on right now in fact. Cool
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