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Default Re: Thanks to Bernhard

I think we all know how wonderful this place is.. the resources, the people etc.. .. but I've been having more fun than that.

Here's what I did last week ( and B, please don't sue me for this.. ).

...I downloaded all the grooves from the groove section on DW( relevant to me ) on to my laptop - stuck in a pair of headphones, and VOILA... its some of the best play-alongs you can get.. FOR FREE..

You do get some original - drummer bleed, but I've mastered positioning my phones in a way, just slightly off my ears to let in my live kit sound, so the mix works great.

If I need to hear more of the original drummer, the phones go fully back on. A great working, figuring stuff out tool. And just plain old fashioned drummin' fun!

Thanks, Mr. B

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