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Originally Posted by Tutin View Post
Hahaha, thanks man! I'm pretty much the same in that I have it up all the time. See my Mrs. HATES my hair! But I love it, and when I cut it before I totally regretted it, so for now we can both be metal.

Btw Do you write the riffs for Serpents rise? I know you wrote some of "It is our will" by Hate Eternal, and that's my favourite song from I Monarch, and I'm really loving the S.R. tracks.

Thanks again.

Yeah....actually, I wrote about 95% of that stuff.
Not because I want to though.
I have an vision of what I'd like SR to sound like. Something different than all the Necro and Origin rip offs.
Fast but, open. Lots of "musical space" even though it's fast and aggressive.
I'm so tired of hearing a new metal CD come out and it's the same song 10 times in a row...just rearranged differently....with different words.

I want SR music to say something different on each track.....without words.

I remember a day of when metal records were full of dynamics and textures, interludes that connected songs.
All of that seems to be lost to "br00talness" and the "need to play fast"....not write good tunes.
There are no more peaks and more "listening experience". Or, at least it's not common.

That said...I've found a guitarist that fits the bill very nice and he has adapted the sound very well and is writing a good bit of newer stuff.....Coming soon.

I have a full band together but I'm moving back to my home state next year and don't want to get a solid line up as of yet.
At the present time...we are just having fun playing metal. Myself and JP will continue writing music and I'm sure before we know it....will have 30 songs of crushing metal to record.

I'm in no hurry.....I want it to be right first and foremost.

Oh yes....... I wrote "IIOW" and "path of the eternal gods" on I, Monarch.

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