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Default Re: Starting Guitar......

Here are the electrics I own
Fender VG strat, a USA fat strat. USA tele and a USA 78 strat
Gibson Les paul recording model, Les Paul custom, les Paul BFG, 64 Firebird, and a Standard SG
Ibanez R442, a Rg 760, and a JEM
Gretsch - Chet Atkins Tenn Rose, and a White Falacon
Rickenbacker - Dakota 650C
Erlewine Lazer
I have owned various others and am probably leaving some out.

As the person above suggested, I would suggest an Ibanez, if you can afford it get a Japanese one. You can often find a 90's model MIJ for a reasonable price.

You might also want to try a Les Paul BFG, they are cheap by les paul standards and have a burstbucker 3 pickup in the bridge and a P90 in the neck. That is a pretty hot guitar, they are not so pretty though if you are into that.

Fat strats are pretty hot versatile guitars and can be found fairly resonably, even USA ones. They made a heavy metal strat (HM Strat) that you can pick up even cheaper also. I never played one but you may want to check one out.

Hope that helps
If any of you drummers want to help a poor guitar player out give me some advice on a drum kit here please
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