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This guy is the entire reason I started playing drums. He's not very formal or technical, but he's so fluid in his playing that it literally dumbfounds me at times. He plays from the heart and you can hear it. I heard from an interview that Will and Mark (guitarists) write songs and actually get over-excited to take them to Chris and work them out with drums. That impressed the hell out of don't see too often a drummer that constantly inspires and excites his entire band to the point where they literally bug the hell out of him to get him into the studio lol.

I got the chance to meet Lamb of God while they were on tour with Killswitch Engage and Soilwork here in Phoenix...I'd heard they were a bunch of assholes and I was pretty nervous at first, but people couldn't be more wrong about them. They actually sat down and talked to us backstage and were very inviting and didn't mind my ADHD freakouts one bit, haha. Cool guys, cool band, bad ass drummer.
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