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Default Re: LeRoi Moore from Dave Mattews Band Passes

Very Sad indeed! I've been a DMB fan almost since the beginning, and I have very fond memories of the LeRoi at the concerts I went to. He was a great contribution to the band, not only with his woodwind talents but with his skills in arranging the songs.

LeRoi had been there from the start and helped greatly to the define the DMB sound, sad day my friends, sad day.

He will be missed.

Like tbmills I watched a few of their DVDs last night and a little of one this morning during breakfast. I had found that it was almost surreal when I read the news the first time and it didn't truly sink in until a about 45mins later.
Such a loss.

DMB's music was so influential to so many of my years growing up not only as a person but growing up as a musician as well. And to learn one of the founding members and a very brilliant color of their sound passes away, is very sad. My sympathies go out to the Moore family, and to the band. This must have hit Carter and Dave very hard, as they (carter in particular) have been with LeRoi for a very long time.
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