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Default Thanks to Bernhard

I wrote the following to Bernhard and he suggested that I share it with the forum...SO here goes!

Originally Posted by drumhead61
Hi Bernhard,

I want to thank you for this website without it I do not think I would have ever lost my WANNA. From the time I was 9 years old I was a WANNA be drummer but my parents would not allow me to be a drummer...something about the noise? As I grew up I always said I would do it, but the life of hard knocks and a million other excuses kept getting in the way.

Recently, as in last month (July 2008) I found your website...and the rest is history! Through drummerworld, I followed some ad links and ended up @ and ended up jumping in and buying my first kit! I bought the Ludwig Drum Set - Accent CS Combo 100 Series Drum Set power configuration and am currently awaiting its arrival! 47 years of age and I am finally no longer a wanna be...I will be a drummer and am thoroughly excited for it, you have helped push me over the edge with this website and all of its fantastic resources that are currently not found anywhere else and for that I am over joyed! Thank you again so much for this inspiration!

I found that drum kit along with a cymbal pack all for under $500 dollars shipping included and it would not have happened had I not been crusing your site. I use to always go to and dream, but through your site it has become a reality...again THANKS!


Jim Ferguson
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