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Default Re: the bealtes or korn

Originally Posted by spartacus1989 View Post
Not to be rude, but how do we compare a band who invented the modern concept of a pop band, to a rap-metal band who has borrowed from The Beatles. YOu simpally cant say one is better then the other.
Well, I think that's (in part - although I can't be sure...he seems kinda slow) what the original poster was getting at....

On the one hand, you have the band that INVENTED the concept of a pop "rock" band,
on the other, you have the band that, for the most part, RE-invented the pop "rock" band in a way that brought several styles together and spawned MANY more. Korn isn't really "rap-metal"....I personally think that's the dumbest term ever used to describe music and still for the life of me CANNOT figure out where it came from or wtf it means. Those two do NOT mix, no matter what. Rap is rap and metal is metal.

I wouldn't say one is better than the other, because neither of them really have that great of an influence on me or anything I like, but in their own separate ways, they've both achieved quite alot throughout music history.
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