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I have loved Lars since I saw him play with Wasp and Armored Saint in 1985. He beat the living crap out of his kit and every hit meant something. I remember reading an old modern drummer article where they interviewed his roadie, and he said that at the end of the tour, there were no cymbals left uncracked and that all of the hardware on his kit was starting to rust because he sweat so much from being a madman behind his big kit. That's even after wiping everything off after each show. To me, THAT is great drumming. Sure, I learned to play more from Peart and Rich, but to watch Lars break stick after stick is really what it's all about. Gene Simmons said it best, " It's all about the show"! PERIOD! As for Lars not playing the same parts he played early on, he wised up to the fact that the crowd can't hear anything but a big BZZZZZZZZ if he is playing machine gun parts, so he plays more groove oriented and less fill oriented now. Bands like Slipknot, and Morbid Angel, both of which I love, have the same problem now, but continue to play the lightning fast fills and such. Also, there isn't but a handful of bands today where the producer doesn't splice the drums tracks together and pro tools the life out of it! Lars is awesome in my book and I would love to meet him and ask him some questions.
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