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Here's my $.02. To me, Lars isn't the greatest drummer that ever lived or anything, but he is one of my favorites. I know he's not one of the best technique-wise. He's not the suckiest either. Hell, listen to the beginning of Harvester of Sorrow. Sounds pretty cool to me. I started listening to Metallica right when Master of Puppets came out and was hooked. Lars and Metallica changed metal forever. They were, with other bands soon following, pioneers in bringing their genre of music into the mainstream. I realize that I'm not saying anything that has not already been said. My bottom line is Lars is the single reason I wanted to play drums. I have grown up and listen to tons of other drummers who are lots better technique-wise, but can still queue up some Metallica on the iPod and actually feel the music still. I have seen Metallica live somewhere between 8-12 times and I have to strongly disagree with those that have said he is not a good live drummer. He sounds great to me and looks like he is having a blast onstage. Anyway, all of the above is my opinion, so it is valid for me, and it may not be for you.
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