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Originally Posted by Jim Penebaker View Post
I just think the whole speed for speeds sake is getting out of hand. It can be frustrating when you have drum students that mostly are into the extreme and speed drummers because they have a lot of trouble learning how to make music with other musicians. I'm not trying to rip anybody, just making sure that the guys that matter get their due, including a guy like Tommy Aldrige.
I think we are on the same page. I think Van Halen, T.Lee, Castronovo, Peart, Bissonette, Aldridge, R. Castillo and more just solid rock drummers that are good at what THEY do get over looked. Because there are guys taking it to a whole other level. Drummhead mag. is out now and it a Superdrummers issue. There is a cd inside w/ Donati, Minnimen, Lang, G. Collins, Mangini, N. D'Virgilio and a guy I have not heard of. The stuff on the cd is AMAZING............for what it is. To me its not what the average or above average drummer could apply on a regular basic. They are the few out there doing just mind blowing drumming. But at the same token the guys at the top of this list should get recognition for what they have contributed to drums. Even if you (not you personally) don't like the bands they were in.

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