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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hi guys....O.K. more free music from Serpent's Rise. Some of you may have some of these from the post I made earlier.
I just posted a new one last night.....The Polymath.

Check it out.

Right click save yaw!

Greater Equanimity
Mist Suwangie
Initiation Rituals
Signs Of Identity

The Polymath

These songs aren't close to being finished but, I thought you guys might like to see the progress from now until we actually record these.

This recording is live.
No tracking and only a stereo mix to the recorder.

This stuff will be "chock o block" with percussion and noises. Maybe some loops under some of it.
We have decided that Serpents Rise will be 97% instrumental also. There will be small amounts of vocals but, only where needed.

O.K. Enjoy....
or not.

These are a work in progress.
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