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Default A Home Recording Story

Last December I bought a Samson usb port microphone so that I could record band practices for the purpose of aiding us in perfecting our songs. It cost about $100 dollars. To simplify the use of this mic I downloaded a program called Quick Time Pro. This program allowed me to make simple one click recordings right onto my Mac's Desktop. I don't even have to set volume level. At our next band practice I made some recordings and through trial and error I found that when I placed the mic in a lonely corner of the room the recordings sounded balanced and clear. Every week I recorded our practices and I would later convert the recordings to MP3 format and email them to the other band members so they could work on the songs during the week. One day I decided to email some of the better songs to our bands booking agent so he could hear what we were working on and stay current with us. A few days later the agent emailed Me back and he said that the band was sounding good. He wanted to know what recording studio we had used. I answered him and I told him how the recordings were made. His response was "come on, stop kidding around; Tell me so I can recommend the studio to other bands in your area." I think that this is an excellent example of the technology that exist today. You don't have to spend a lot, to get a lot.
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