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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by jay norem View Post
That was because (as is always the case when the discussion turns to jazz) there were so many adamant posts made by people who don't know what they're talking about, people who somehow think that it's a sort of birthright they have as drummers to have some "knowledge," something relevant to say about a kind of music they've obviously never really played.
You don't know jazz unless you play it. Period. It's not in books. It's not in magazine articles.
Anyway, why would anybody want to play jazz anymore? There's no money in it, no fame. You want to kill your career? Call yourself a jazz drummer.
I don't participate in any of the metal threads because I don't know anything about that, but as soon as a jazz thread comes up everybody walks in acting as though they're seasoned pros, talking about "Elvin" and "Tony." Oh yeah, Buddy Rich gets mentioned a lot too.
Between jazz and religion I'd rather talk about religion. At least the Christians know what they're talking about where their religion is concerned!

Easy solution. Simply cut all the talk and just get out and play the actual music called jazz with people who love it just as much like i've done going on 37 years now and forget the huge headache of words the subject of jazz has become on the internet. Let the music in a real context in life speak for itself for those who actually play and enjoy the performing of jazz as their life's blood. That's all that matters really in my view to each individual involved since actions speak louder than words in my view.

Work's for me and has far more long lasting satisfying end results based on my personal and professional experience on the subject. Less stressful and draining on your creative energy.

Now back to the topic of religious discussions if you wish....