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Originally Posted by Ironcobra View Post
This is a great idea. I think we should have this here for sure.
Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
As Iron Cobra said- I completely agree. As soon as I see a spam ad, I hit that little red triangle with the "!" but does this work? I like to think it does,and I do, but wouldnt some sort of "automatic" removal by the general concensus make it all the better?
Originally Posted by tamadrummer132 View Post
i agree! but maybe make it like 500 posts...cuz 100 goes by pretty fast. but very good idea.
Thanks guys, and to tamadrummer, yeah, let the mods set all the specifics. I just through some numbers out there.
Is there any mod out there that could shed some light on whether this is possible or not? I would LOVE to see it happen. The amount of spam (and work from the moderators) would be greatly reduced.
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