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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by jonescrusher View Post
..... this is less a thread on religion as it is a thread concerning the forum.
Indeed, it is. My outlook on it is, this is Bernhard's house. He has house rules. He and the mods, NJ and DB do a terrific job of hosting. If they want to be lenient with those rules, from time to time, enjoy their hospitality. Don't abuse it. I hear the terms "freedom of speech", "censorship", etc., being thrown around. Funny, I don't recall Drummerworld being a democracy. Don't recall it having a "Constitution" guaranteeing us anything. It's Bernhard's dime. So I don't think we are protected by "freedom of speech". People who want a really, really, really long leash can (for $5 a month) start up a typepad blog and rant morning, noon, and night about any and all the taboo subjects (religion, gun control, abortion, politics, etc). On your dime, do whatever you want to do. On Bernhard's time, please respect the man. He's payin' something like $3.5K a month to throw this party.
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