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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

I was an atheist till 47. Being a scientist makes it difficult to be a person of faith. I did note however that Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. have been one of the few venues that have systematically encourage peace, love, and tried to help people find their humanity. Oddly enough a "sprititual" and "prophetic" experience got me pondering my own spiritual nature. Something I had a difficult time dealing with to be honest because being a scientist I am skeptical by nature. I explored many faiths, and perhaps due to my culture and in particular my wife's beliefs I did settle into Christianity of sorts. As a biologist I also believe there is a biological aspect to spirituality. The ancestors to modern man practiced ritual burials-a hint towards spirituality. I tend to think it serves both a biological and evolutionary role in our growth just as much as science. The same ability of logic and reason of modern man gave rise to both religion and science to address different domains of life an different issues. Almost all cultures throughout history have powerful spiritual aspects. I always liked Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth, because spirituality has driven music, art, science, culture, and our society. 98% of the people of this planet are peoples of faith. It would also make biological sense that there will be those who lack or don't need this spirituality. Much as many believe homosexuality is biological and another variant of human sexuality-religions probably are similar. Having spent a greater part of my life as an atheist I appreciate this mentality (and to be honest I was jaded in this regard), but now I truly appreciate spirituality and how it can help people cope and inspires many. Further there are many parallels in most religions and perhaps there is a cosmic force, cosmic consciousness, and something other than a simple biological understanding. In any case I respect others beliefs as I would hope other respect mine. I am not saying I'm right but being "right" isn't what it is about-is it. Peace and love and being human and not just another animal on this planet is what I aspire. We are the only animal to try to understand life, our planet, and the universe. I am always struck how insignificant we are in this huge expanse of the universe, and what lies beyond the universe (the universe is expanding into what??). I do believe music is very spiritual and it is a universal language that needs no translators. I think it best to leave poltics and religion at the door and lets talk about our universal language-music.