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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

There are somethings that people don't want others discussing. The whole thing speaks (doublespeaks) of Orwell. Banning discussions. What's next banning books? That Drum Wisdom book, people are starting to talk about it and I don't like that book. I think I'll go on and make some comments that are snide and sarcastic, you know that take cheap shots at people. Then I'll leave.

I said what I wanted on the religious thread and then went back from time to time to see if it had gone anywhere. One of the posters was Bernard, and he made several interesting points. Ultimately, it is up to Bernard anyway. I think people just need to grow up and realize that open and free discussion means hearing things you don't like. And if you don't like it, don't post and go to another thread to start your own discussion.

What do you call a priest who sleeps walks?

A roamin' Catholic.

What do you call a rabbi who gets stuck accidentally at a monastery?

A shmunk.

What was the name of your German audiologist?

Herr Bettah.

Where's Mel Brooks when you need him?
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