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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
I think, in the end, that the Christian Drummers Get All The Work thread is the only one that really offended people, be they atheists, of another religion, Christians who disagreed, or Christians who got insulted by other people in that thread. This happened because that thread became a full-blown religious discussion, with nothing about drumming after the first few posts. Not good, and I don't think we should have that again.

With that said, a lot of religious drummers, and it seems that especially Christian drummers, believe that their drumming comes from God, should be used for God, etc. There is no reason to say they can't express that. In a thread about "what motivates you to drum," if the answer is "God," then that person should be allowed to express that. And should have the ability to express that without getting banned, or without having every atheist drummer jump down his throat and call him an idiot.

So I think that purely religious discussions should be banned from here, and those posts that are purely religious, without relating to drumming, should be deleted. That way, when the conversation goes:

Person 1: All this bad stuff has happened lately, I feel like God might be telling me to quit drumming.
Person 2: Nah, stick with it, man, we all have hard times.
Person 3: God doesn't exist, so no.
Person 4: Person 3 is an idiot, and will burn in hell
Person 5: Hey man, no worries, if you love drumming, you'll stay with it.

Person 3 and 4 would have their posts deleted, and be given warnings (which can lead to bannings), but the actual discussion, about what the drummer is feeling, related to drumming, can stay.

This allows for stuff like, "Question about drumming in church," "Here are pics of the new kit at my church," "I play Christian rock," and stuff like that, but leave out, "If you don't know Jesus, you will burn in flames for all eternity, loser," or "If you believe in God you're an idiot and when worms are eating you, you will have wasted your pitiful life, loser."
Thank you very much. You nailed it. That was the meaning for my posting this thread. I just wish that I was as literate as you.
I kind of like old drums:)