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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by jay norem View Post
For myself, I don't like being told what can't be talked about. Talking about things is okay, right? After all, it's only talking, discussing, the old back-and-forth. Call it debating, call it dialectics, but I don't see why there should be anything to fear or be offended by, considering the vast amount of rubbish that we all get exposed to during to course of any day.
As to the argument that young people view these discussions, I say only this. So what? Are we supposed to provide young people with a sanitized view of what actually happens in life?
Also, I can see that there are some people here, who could well be very fine drummers indeed, who wish to put forward their religious ideas as motivations for their approach to the instrument, and I have no problem with that as long as they're ready for comments or even criticisms that may come from the other side.
It's life, yeah? I'm pretty sure we're all big enough to take it.
Having said that, rules are rules and we're all priviledged to have this site, so we're all in the position of having to respect the guide-lines set down by those who have provided this site for us to use.
Still, it's fun to see just how much you can get away with...
Well, said. It is a shame that their are certain taboo subjects, and that is a reality of life beyond this forum.

As far as religion and politics, they are so vast a subject to discuss, with so many complications and subtleties; but they often become couched as believer v. non-believer, liberal v conservative. Are most people's belief systems that simplified? I would hope not.

If we talk about Christianity, whose Christianity are we talking about? Catholics, Pentacostals, Unitarians, Jews for Jesus, United Church of Christ? They all have their own belief system, and they do not agree, even about the most fundamental theological concepts.

The on-line forum is a sound bite (word-bite) world. I think that that limits the scope of what it can actually do. But I personally would rather suffer through the perils of free open discussion, than to read through the endless list of favorite albums, favorite tunes or favorite drummers that forum posts on the internet can become.
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