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Default Re: Your First Concert

Foo Fighters this february at MSG was my first, im 16, also a late bloomer in the concert scene. We had General admission, we were like 1 row from the stage, soooooo intense. Amazing show, cant believe they still have this much energy, Grohl really loves what he does, and Taylor Hawkins is a pretty darn solid drummer, but the main thing that impressed me about him was the utube video of him performing YYZ to perfection.

The second was Godsmack at Saratoga. REALLY GOOD! I was always a fan of Shannon Larkin since like i was 10 years old. I thought he was insanely creative, and he still is. He also played basically every song perfectly, just like on the albums. I find that to be one of the hardest things to do live...and that ride is amazing.
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