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Default Re: Syd Barrett- So who else loves this guy? C'mon, you know you love Floyd!

Well I'm talking about ALL the noodling in the middle. I have a book with a lot of early Floyd music in it (sheet and tab - arrangements for two guitars as well, which is handy) but the middle minute of the song is just practically undecipherable. David Gilmour plays it in a completely different way - in fact, he plays the song in a completely different way altogether, which is pretty cool. But one day I'm going to figure it out and then rock it out at a gig.

What I like about Syd is the fact that it's clearly just thrown together stream of consciousness. There's no Superego, it's all Id and there's a lot of child-like innocence within that. 'Effervescing Elephant' is one of the best examples of that (apparently the first song he ever wrote) and everything has that element of 'in the moment' composition that I really appreciate because even if technically it is lacking, the energy and enthusiasm that it expresses is like nothing else.

The fact that modern bands, forty years later are starting to cite Syd as a major influence all over again is testament to the quality of his work and the sheer eccentricity of it. My old college tutor is in a band that charted rather well a couple of months back (top 80 I believe, in the UK) and one of his favourite artists is Syd Barrett - and that shows. I'm listening to a band called Oneida at this very second and the psychedelic influence is very strong. Great band too.
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