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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by Old Doc Yak View Post
I'm a 71 year-old dude No one has the right to put a gag in someone's mouth because they feel offended.
Anyone that can say they re a 71 yr old dude is welcome to my "party"....While I agree with you about being "silenced" for stating a(n) believe/opinion, I respectfully add that as long as it s not so blatant, and more of an observasion,or personal experience opposed to say something like- :"_ _ _ IS everywhere, and thats all I have to say, and I wont say no more" Then we ll be just fine. Unfortunately, this will happen from time to time, and I think said guy should look outside of his own * box* and think about what they re saying, rather than just sayin it and then dissapearing into the fog, leaving anyone or everyone to decipher what has been said... We re all drummers, and we are all here(i hope) for the same basic reason---DRUMS., I dont even remember exactly where I was aiming this arrow, but it ll come back soon. And the "acid" trip, well it is what it is, how can someone categorize something like this...It is quite an "eye-opener" and can be a literally "life-changing" experience, Believe it or not....