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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

First, let me say that religious, political, and other difficult subjects should, in my opinion, be limited on any music forum. However, I do believe that censorship must be avoided. What disturbs me about this thread, no offense to Bob, is that it starts with the concept of "Oh oh, what if we say something that offends ____ ____ (fill in the blanks)" I'm a 71 year-old dude and I've seen this attitude proliferate over my life time. We are sometimes so afraid to say or do something that will offend someone that our freedom of speech has suffered. Granted, religion, politics, and many other subjects are controversial. But if everyone starts thinking "oh, oh, who might be offended?" before they say or do anything; we have a problem. No one on this earth is quaranteed immunity from offending or being offended. No one has the right to put a gag in someone's mouth because they feel offended.