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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
I am here to gain advice, give what advice I can, and talk about DRUMS!
You're heck of a nice guy CDR, and I totally appreciate everything you just said. My view personal view on religion is exactly the same as yours - to impose is to insult and to talk of mine is to disrespect yours.

Having said that, where I'm really coming from is DMC's point about the proximity of spirituality to music. Here I would also amend DMC's point and include Western music. Much of the western classical symphonic works were borne of the Church diktats and the belief systems of the time, and jazz's roots, as we know, are in African tribal ritual music.

If we say we are a drum forum, will we stop at drum technique & cymbal felts ? I wonder if we are short changing ourselves?

Billy Ward discussed this at great length on a thread a while back. Practicing drums v/s practicing music, reaching for your inner self and putting it out there in our music - and whether we, as drummers spend enough time doing/thinking of that.

I'm not putting forth a point of view here, but merely spelling out a distinction between " My beliefs are superior to yours" mindset v/s " The spirituality of music".

The latter is intrinsic to what we do on the drums, is my only point.

Maybe it just cant be done on a forum as Jeff, Stan and our resident sage, MFB suggest. Maybe its all just too personal, and shouldn't be discussed on an open forum.

Like I said in my 1st post, if wishes were horses and I had Tony's........spirituality.... I'd be a monkey's jazzy uncle.

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