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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Ehhhhhhhhh, I dont want to say this, but I will. I remember when the "Christian Drummers Get ALLLLLL the work" thread came out. I said it should be deleted, B. said he wouldnt delete it. No one else said anything, except for things like - (deleted) So look at us now, C'mon friends, I hate seeing any kind of personal "mud-slinging"(you might not see it, but I do) here, but when these things are let to go on... well, here we are,and there we be!

I have absolutely no problem with anyone's religious orientation, but when I see a post that not only suggests, but clearly states "God IS Everywhere", I cant help but be offended, I have no grudge against the poster of this statement, but I happen to feel the way I feel. Blame ME? Sure, if you want to, its cool, I ve been through worse....just know fellow drummers, I am here to gain advice, give what advice I can, and talk about DRUMS!

As already stated, our cyberspace has plenty of stops for those who want to voice their personal opinions on things like- Religion. Politics, Racism, Sexism,....Etc. I m here for one thing- DRUMS, and music as a side dish. So, can we keep it elsewhere and just be cool?

I dont think there should be any type of forum dedicated to religion of any type, no matter what it may consist of.... It will only create more havoc, and attract more argument. Sad as it may be, this is the way the normal "human" works, When one is offended, one will react. When all are insulted, all will insult back..Its the way we but true.

I consider every one here a friend in a way, I dont wanna lose a friend. Especially one I ve never met! You may be Satan himself, but as far as I know, you re just a fellow drummer. Is it hurtin me? Nah, I m just glad to have people to talk to that share my interests. And what might that be?.... By the way.... anyone know how to fix a vintage strainer on my '64 Ludwig Supraphonic? OOOORRRR, help me identify this crazy-ass cymbal? How about the specific thread spacing on the lugnuts of an '82 Rogers' bass drum?