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Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
Tommy is a great drummer and influence to a lot of drummers. A double bass master back in the day and now. The problem is that now w/the likes of, Lang, Minnimen, Donati, and Grant Collins they have taken double bass to a new extreme. And Jordison, Roddy, Adler and many more have extreme speed. So by todays standards, as great as Tommy is he could get looked at as average along w/ Alex Van Halen, Deen Castronova, Gregg Bissonette and others that have used it well but not gone to the extremes.
Still, Tommy is a big influence to many, many drummers. Myself included.
Please. All the drummers you mentioned are worth listening to. A lot of the "old school" players you listed have so much more going on than sheer speed or crazy independence. Guys like Gregg Bissonette have done such a wide variety of gigs including jazz, latin, big band, pop, ect. I wonder if some of the "extreme" drummers of today could be as diverse and make it sound authentic. A lot of them are mainly doing the freakshow clinic thing, demonstrating things that would be of little use to aspiring drummers.
Tommy Aldrige is clearly influenced by drummers like Bonham, Carmine Appice, ect. He has that rock sound and feel to his playing.
I've seen certain extreme drummers sit in on straight up rock gigs and a couple times I thought it just wasn't working. Like they were out of place, with a need to throw in all the busy crazy fills. In that respect you can say that many of the old school guys are better suited for rock gigs.
Sometimes speed for speeds sake might be to blame for what's killing the art of drumming. Speed is important but not at the expense of everything else like pocket and groove.
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