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Default Re: Syd Barrett- So who else loves this guy? C'mon, you know you love Floyd!

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Whenever I pick up a guitar in a shop, the first thing I blast out is 'Astronomy Domine'. It's also my warm up song - at least the bits I can follow because the mid-section is throughly mental. As far as his solo works go, my favourite song is 'Gigolo Aunt' - just because it's so quintessentially bizarre and Syd. I love the man - as a songwriter he is one of my biggest influences. The way he manages to fit abstract poetry with obtuse and often angular music yet still make it paletteable and at the same time produce works of extraordinary experimentation and beauty - whilst being incredibly undertrained and raw is an incredible inspiration to me. I appreciate that the acid had a hand with that along the way - but I rank him amongst the greatest songwriters of the last 100 years.

Incidentally my old biology teacher was from Cambridge and knew him at school. He was weird then too.
Wow, good stuff there, MFB. Its like he just kinda picked up a guitar and started singing...and did it in a style that to some, just sounds "right" in a way.Whenever I would play "The Madcap Laughs" alot of people just didnt get it. A few would, but alot were like-"What the Hell is This?" Some of us got it , and some didnt.. You have to be able to relate to his pov and what he might have been "seeing" or "realizing" at the time. His lyrics were like an astral fragmented poster, they go on for as long as you want them to.

Take for instance- "Arnold Layne", now compare this to ......say, "Terrapin". Endless creativity.To me, its the pinnacle of self expresion and showing it back to society in a way that---If you dont get it, Oh well! Good luck to the"mainstream"... And the eccentric always get shorted for the "mainstream"! If you re interested, I have an interview with him thats not very well known, after Floyd and well into his permanantly "affixed" state. I read it alot these days....

As far as playing the mid-section of "Astronomy" I remember an old guitarist friend replicating it by pulling the string "off" of the fret.I dont play guitar, so its a bit hard to explain, but this is only a tiny bit of the song.. BRILLIANT!

Sorry for ramblin on, but its been a long day... : )

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