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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
This adds to my suspicion that your original post on this thread was somewhat antagonistic. There are rational, respectful and useful ways to discuss the intersection between music, religion and spirituality, for those who are open to those kinds of discussions and wish to go there. If they don't want to go there, then I guess there's nothing more to discuss, is there now?
it is kind of a quandry isn't it? You read guys like Chris Coleman, Brian Blade and the host of drummers for whom their religions background is an important aspect of their drumming because they've come up through the church. In American music, you cannot detach popular music from Pentacostal music (or Hebrew music, or Latin music from Voodoo religions.) The church is where the 'rock' comes from that put the rhythm in Rhythm and Blues. You read the lyrics of all the old blues guys, and all they talk about is "The end."

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Stan warned me against discussing certain topics on the internet was just not a good idea. But I didn't believe him. It is a rough ride.
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