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Hey DRUMMERWORLD I am new here! Iíve read a lot of the comments about Lars here and checked out the other threads on the drummers I like and have read mixed reports for all, which is normal as everyone has there own taste, style and opinion.

Lars will always be my favorite drummer because of how he "plays to the music".

The way that Metallica songs are arranged has something to do with how Lars plays drums and how he comes up with an original drum track.

The thing about Lars is he's not technical compared to e.g. Travis Smith of Trivium and Joey Jordison of Slipknot (both good drummers), but he is technical in a song if he thinks he should be, but most importantly if he wants to be. What Iíve learnt about him from seeing Metallica live 4 times and listening to live cd's and watching dvdís, videos whatever, is he never plays a song the same way twice. He changes fills or maybe doesn't play the fill and continues with a beat and its all to do with keeping things fresh, interesting, unpredictable, for stimulation and actually as Lars would say to keep things "Rock and Roll" which is as cheesy as a mature cheddar would get thatís bin kept in the fridge for 28years, but true. You probably know that a big part of his style is to accent with symbol crashes. As for double bass Iíve read people complaining about his usage of them and Iíve always bin very impressed when he does it. He definitely uses it in different ways to everyone else.

You donít get to be in the biggest Metal band ever if your not good enough to be. Most would know that Lars has a larger roll to play than just playing drums for Metallica, but when he gets down to sitting behind the kit he always delivers. It hasnít just been the guitar riffs, guitar solos, bass lines and lyrics that have made Metallica what they are; Lars's original drumming style has been a huge ingredient to the mix that has had the outcome of more than 100 million albums sold.

Metallica are the biggest selling heavy metal band ever because they have been the most accessible out of all of them. With great riffs, song arrangements, lyrics, different styles and drum parts they have always been original. There are better technical drummers than Lars Ulrich that are playing in bands that are not as successful as Metallica, but I find that they tend to play drums too hard and fast and albums become what I call "Drummers Albums". An example of this I would give is, Slipknot Volume 3 where Joey Jordisons presence within the album completely over shadows everyone elseís input. (Im actually saying that his drumming is best thing on this album).

I believe a drummerís roll should be to serve the song to make the song sound as good as it can and not just making the drums sound great.

Lars as a drummer delivers in the way that makes Metallica as a band sound the best they can which is what should be done. Even if a drummer sacrifices some of his fancy moves and tricks to make a great song, itís what should be done if all the other ingredients added by the other musicians instruments are good enough.

Another opinion by another drummer about another drummerÖ
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