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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
You think you described 'salvation' where others would say you described an acid trip.

And spare us PLEASE with your 'real musicians follow God' stuff, you haven't a single bit of fact to back that up. I find some of the best musicians are non-believers, because they are lead by pure and total freedom, and its MY BELIEF that good art can only be produced with NO CONSTRAINTS placed on it. If religion does anything, it places constraints on people. And that IS FACT.
I believe you use all caps too much, that is my belief.

In any case, music, religion and spirituality go back a long way, tens of thousands of years, long before upstart religions like Christianity. Whether God exists or not, billions of people the world over, throughout history and today, view music as a way of expressing cosmic forces, glorifying God, attaining spiritual peace, etc. At the same time, people use music to sell deodorant and NASCAR shows.

None of this is good or bad - just simply some of the uses to which people put music. Odd-time ratamacues and cymbals felts are important topics, to be sure, but some of us here also want to respectfully discuss the intersection of music, religion and spirituality.

To paraphrase you without the caps: "It is my belief that understanding can be produced when no constraints are placed on respectful discussion."
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