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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by Dystisis View Post
Agree, how about there is made something like a Music Philosophy or Theory forum section? Where it would be possible to discuss music theory, maybe some history and musics connection to society or philosophy and where the different styles come into play.

I sure would find it interesting. ;)
This issue of religion & music is really like a lot of the"What is jazz" threads. It's a subject so wide open to interpretation that often its blows a gasket midway and really interesting conversations come to a grinding halt.

If somehow the discussion stays connected to music, it makes it meaningful.
I've played the drums off and on for over 20 years. And to this day the real reason I play is mainly this. In all this time, there may have been 1 or 2 or maximum 3 times, when I think I might have seen the light. It is an explosion in my head, an illuminating, yet fleeting moment.
An out of body experience of sorts. Everything suddenly is so in the pocket, so perfect, its like watching someone else play. There seems to be a force inside you which is doing the playing.
This moment is so moving and emotional and powerful that it is felt by the other musicians & listeners also.

The words many use to describe this feeling are orgasmic, nirvana, the truth, a high etc...but to me this comes the closest to being a powerful religious experience.

It is rare and not easily attainable, but this is the feeling that I chase and crave.
It seems to come when your mind and heart are in the right place and you become one with your instrument and your music and at that precise moment, nothing else matters.

That to me is salvation.

I also happen to believe that most 'real' musicians follow this God.

Airto once said that musicians are the transmitters of whatever it is that out there .. or up there. We, as musicians connect to it, convert it to sound and transmit to others. How else could you create a sound and the vibe & energy of that be felt by so many at the same time, in the same powerful way.

Something to think about, and debate imo.