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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
The problem is that often, on both sides, people come across as offensive. There's a big difference between stating an opinion, and coming across as thinking you're (the person posting, not you personally) better than another person. It's the difference between: "Well, I believe that God gave us all gifts, some more than others," and "Look, God gives us gifts, that's where they come from, not from us, and you're stupid for thinking differently."

Or the difference between: "I have a question about Christianity. Why would you believe that God blesses people that don't believe in him?" and "See, this is why Christians are stupid. You believe that God blesses people that don't even believe in him. What the heck would the point of that be? There isn't one."

Also, the other thing I found offensive in some of the posts was the lack of actual conversation. A few of the people I engaged actually discussed my responses, I discussed theirs, etc. But other people just threw out the standard dogma that they use to "prove" their beliefs (either pro-God or anti-God) and if you argued against them, or showed another possible way to look at it, just ignored that post and attacked someone else's.

I think that is the kind of stuff that people find offensive.
Thank you, those are examples of the type of offensive behavior that I was speaking of. People didn't like or want to see someone's religious view so they responded with a post that was deliberatly ment to offend the other posters.
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