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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
There are visitors to this forum of all religious backgrounds and beliefs. I have noticed that the main forums on this site are being frequently used to discuss Christian religious topics. I think that the people who are using the main forums for Christian discussions are offending others who don't share the same interest in their threads. I think that the answer lies in respect for all that use this forum. I also think that a possible solution to this issue would be the establishment of a Christian Social Group for the Christians to hold their discussions. I don't see people of other religious orientations discussing their beliefs in the main forums. Ofending people and imposing religious agendas isn't what Drummerworld is about. I am tolerant and respectful of all peaceful people of all religious denominations. I wish love, peace and understanding to all people of the world.
The thing is, everyone wants to talk about Christianity. In some of the other threads about religion and drumming, some people would try to move the conversation into the realm of spirituality and music, but people on all sides of the issue kept dragging it back to Christianity. That may reflect the largely Western makeup of the board.

There is a deep historical connection between religion, spirituality and music. Some religions believe that music is one of the ways to attain higher spiritual levels, or to more closely approach the divine. In many societies, music does not exist outside of worship. In the West, we are more secular and music can serve completely different purposes, recreational, marketing, etc. Yet the close relationship between music and the divine (as some people choose to believe/call it) persists for many musicians and audience members.

There are many, many other religions and they all have a fascinating relationship with music and their larger culture. This is getting more into anthropology and that may be a safer place to discuss the connection between faith and music - as long as believers and nonbelievers alike are willing to acknowledge the existence of non-Christian religions.

I do not favor a strict, uneducated approach that says, "No discussion of religion of any kind." Music has been with humankind for tens of thousands of years and there is much to learn from that rich history.
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