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Default Re: Religious Discussions on Drummerworld

Originally Posted by mrchattr View Post
I actually thought that the mods made a good decision in keeping the one thread open. It became, at first, a focal point for all religious discussion that happened on this board. It was one thread, and you can put it on ignore if you don't like it, that kind of thing.

But I agree with you. It's gotten out of hand. It seems like every thread I read has someone saying something Christ-oriented.

Most of it seemed to stem from one guy, RhythmJunkie. He promised he would stop. Hopefully, it goes away after that. If not, well, the rules do forbid it...and I would support the enforcement of those rules, even if it led to me getting in trouble for the one thread I did participate in.
I don't feel that anyone should "Get in Trouble" For what has happened. I would just like to see a resolution to this issue. I also was taken in and I posted to one of the threads. It was after I posted that I realised that I was offending some people.
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