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Music is so ridiculously subjective it is waste of time saying if one play's fewer notes then that is musical, it is absurd. Not that one who play's faster is more adapt at being musical. But please can we get away from the worn out and tired cliche's of oh that guy groove's so hard because he play's fewer notes therefore he is musical, what a load of you know what. No one even really know's what Groove is. You get 10,000 diffeent point's of view. IMO and only my opinion something groove's whether it be the drum parts or the guitar, bass etc. if it FIT'S with the overlall vision of the tune if it is blending and complementing the rest of the band. If the song call's for complexity of rhythm and many notes and precision than so be it if the tune call's for simplicity than great but neither one groove's more than the other. I sure do not want to hear a half time shuffle when a song calls for an outrageous double bass ostinato with some fancy handwork over the top. Nor do I want to hear the opposite. I understand that trait's such as taste, touch, and creativity affect groove and musicality but it is still very subjective.

We can debate proper and improper technique and what is real technical prowess all day long with more productiveness. But debating what is musical and what groove's is very much in the air. We all simply like what we like. What is rubbish to one is beauty to another. We all internally connect to what suit's our desire's and taste's. And just to reiterate the main point of this thread Virgil can perform convincingly in most styles of music with equal proficiency when and if he feels like but I sure do not think he is losing any sleep over what we think, he is too busy being GREAT!
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