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If I could ask just one question to those who consider... drummers have groove or drummers have chops... it would be: Why does it have to be either or ?
I think this thread has shown that opinions about what groove is and who has it is as varied as there are listeners of it. Same with chops. It appears no one here is debating whether Virgil has or doesn't have posts I have read have disputed his chops only the degree of chops compared to other drummers. What is disputed is his ability to groove. Does he have groove, how much or how little groove, not as much groove as (insert drummer name here) , he can groove but not with the style of music he chooses to play, etc.
I remember a time in my past when it was rare to find musicians who played jazz who could also play rock and vicy versy. Hard to find classical musicians who could play jazz but not vicy versy. Try finding a classical violinist who can play fiddle in a bluegrass band. It is not impossible it is just rare. What is not rare today is drummers, lots of incredible drummers, who play with incredible chops and groove. They can play the sh*t out of any type of music. Buddy Rich never put himself in a position to play Hard Rock and I have my doubts whether he could have pulled if off if he had. Nor did Louie. But drummers of today can and do. Is Virgil one? Yes I think so.
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