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Originally Posted by Citizen Insane View Post
Ehh.. not a fan of Portnoy, or Dream Theater. IMO Dream Theater is an incredibly cheesy band, it's almost laughable. I fail to see how they are even in the same league as porcupine tree, tool ect;. They're music sounds like its the soundtrack for a Castlevania game.

On the subject of Portnoy, I actually think he is a entertaining drummer, I enjoy watching him drum (no matter how bad the music is.) He seems like he is enjoying what he is doing a lot. And seems very dedicated to his musical endeavors rather than trying to have the best chops around. but I think that he is overrated among the drumming press and his fanboys. I really don't think he innovated anything, and I almost never heard him play a musical situation outside of rock music. And did I mention his kit is ridicoulous? I wouldn't even want a kit that big. I enjoy watching him, but for listening pleasure he is just not my cup of tea.
Dream Theater might not be your cup of tea, but how can you possibly be so hasty in denying the fact that the musicians within the band sit in the upper echelon? Is it not evident that Mike Portnoy has inspired a great number of musicians?--- so who is to say that his playing isn't innovative? Perhaps a person on a drum forum wishing they were in Mike's shoes?
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