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Default Re: parking officials

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
We don't have clamping in the western US that I'm aware of. I had to look it up to find out what it is. Man, that would really get me going. If I lived in an area where clamping was present, I'd probably have a set of bolt cutters stashed in the car. I imagine that would mean more trouble, though.
Yeah, you DO NOT want to add that to the price of your ticket. Here in Philly, its an aditional $400 on top of the ticket, labeled as "Destruction Of Govt Property", and the price of the "boot" itself, if damaged. In NYC, people just drive away with it on their vehicle(j.k., Simpson's moment) But I have seen a gun pulled on a "booter" in Queens(Flatbush Ave nice area).I didnt stick around to see the outcome! I ve heard the trick is, for residents with no parking, to steal a boot and just kind of "put" it on your car when you wanna park illegally overnight.I dont know if this works though, sounds like an "urban legend" to me.
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