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Default Re: the New Extreme Album

Originally Posted by hawk9290 View Post
How the heck did I miss that they were in Ohio???
Oh well, guess I'll see them across the street from my dorm in Tempe in a couple weeks (its also a rock n' roll fantasy camp on tour date, so even more fun to watch)-plus it gets me out of my mandatory campus welcome that isn't actually mandatory.

I just wish his drum set was a little more Bonham sounding, but that falls to the production guys, and its not a modern sound unfortunatley. But still a great band.
I agree. He's also missing that 18" floor tom and the 26" bass drum. His set does sound nice and thick on the album though. It wasn't as awesome sounding live though but I blame house of blues for that. The only part of rock and roll fantasy camp I enjoyed was when glenn hughs fron deep purple came out and sang. He wailed! Other than that though it was a waste of my time because I wanted to see more of kingsX.
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