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Default Re: It's don't need to read music

I'm not saying for a second that reading music is a bad thing - or that it should be discouraged. But is it entirely necessary? I really don't think it is.
I never taught a student without teaching them how to read what they were playing - Whether they used those skills later on or not.

You can get by in life without knowing how to read words (barely), but do you think being able to read would help? Absolutely! Reading music is just one way to absorb, learn from and develop your musical skills, but when its a choice between ignoring it or demanding it in institutions, youve gotta go with the latter, even just out of respect for the art!

I really feel for the young kids doing exams these days because they have no way of measuring their achievements in this world. Everything they do in educational settings tells them they are doing a good job and yet when they meet the real world many cannot cope with the requirements that their employers have.
There's the measurement they were looking for :)
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